My name is Michael Cloud, husband, father, and grateful citizen of the United States. I have a passion for helping people and making a difference in our communities, state and nation. That’s why I’m working hard to represent our 27th District of Texas in Congress.

In June 2018, I was elected to serve our district in Congress, a responsibility I take very seriously. During this beginning first year in office, I have delivered hurricane recovery funding to cities, schools, businesses, and families across our district. I have defended our Texas values in Washington, including cosponsoring bills to require term limits for Congress, protect unborn babies, and audit the Fed. I have supported legislation to fund our Armed Forces, including raises for service members, and to repeal costly Obamacare taxes. And I have assisted residents of our community in getting the help they need from the VA, FEMA, and other federal agencies.

I promised to put the priorities of our district first, and I have followed through on that promise.

For over a decade before running for Congress, I served as a grassroots leader in advancing the conservative principles upon which our nation was founded. During seven years as County Chair of the Victoria County Republican Party, I led the effort to turn Victoria County red, restored financial solvency and oversaw tremendous growth in grassroots involvement — leading to the overwhelming success of Republican candidates. Most importantly, we accomplished this growth without compromising our shared conservative values.

I also represented 21 Texas counties as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, which guides the direction of the Republican Party of Texas. In this role I helped guide the state party, empowered grassroots activists and worked to ensure conservative platform priorities made it through the legislative process to become law.

As the founder of Bright Idea Media, I understand that our economy thrives best when the ingenuity of the American People is not held back by Federal bureaucracy. I want to see all businesses, small and large, flourish in Texas.

I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University where, in addition to my studies, I ran track and cross country. Following graduation, I served as the media and communications director at Faith Family Church in Victoria, Texas, where my family and I continue to be active members.

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As a husband and father, I understand the urgency of transforming Washington and preserving for future generations the liberty and prosperity we enjoy as Americans.

My greatest treasure is my family. My wife Rosel is a naturalized citizen and a public school teacher, and we are very proud parents of three children.