Michael Cloud for Congress | District 27


Rick Figueroa endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Governor Greg Abbott

American lawyer and politician who has served as the 48th Governor of Texas since January 2015.

“Michael has proven to be a dedicated and hardworking leader, guided by conservative values of faith, family, and freedom. We need leaders in Washington like Michael Cloud.”

Rick Figueroa endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Vice President Mike Pence

“Congressman Cloud stepped into this role and didn’t miss a beat. He has been a champion for this region every day since he arrived on Capitol Hill.”

Rick Figueroa endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Rick Figueroa

Member of President Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council and a member of the NRA’s Outreach Committee

“Michael Cloud has exhibited a tremendous dedication to the conservative movement. He is a godly man, dedicated to his family and his state, and he would honor Texas by representing us in Congress. I’m more than proud to offer my endorsement.”

David Barton endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

David Barton

Conservative leader and former Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas

“Michael is honest, hardworking, and will be the leader this district desperately needs in Washington. I am proud to offer Michael my
full endorsement, and I encourage all conservatives and people of faith to do the same”

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Dr. Ron Paul endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Dr. Ron Paul

Long-time Texas Republican congressman and three-time presidential candidate.

“I hope my supporters will get behind him because our country desperately needs leaders with integrity, courage and moral character. Michael Cloud is that kind of leader.”

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Dr. Ron Paul endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

National Right To Life Committee

“Michael Cloud is a strong advocate for life. All voters who are concerned with the right to life should vote to send Michael Cloud to Congress.”

Rick Green endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association PAC

Rick Green endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Rick Green

Founder of Patriot Academy & Former State Representative

Gregg Deeb endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Gregg Deeb

20 year combat veteran, businessman & Former candidate for U.S. Congress 27th district.

“Michael Cloud is a principled Christian who has tirelessly worked to understand the concerns of the people in this district at the grassroots level. I will be actively supporting him in the upcoming Republican primary for Congress.”

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Kevin Kieschnick endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Kevin Kieschnick

Nueces County Tax-Assessor

“Michael Cloud has lived, worked, and served in our district for over 20 years – he was not brought here by special interests to run. Michael understands the needs of the district – including the CCAD and Port Expansion. Michael is the public servant we need with the courage to take on the tax-and-spend culture in Washington.”

Suzanne Guggenheim endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Suzanne Guggenheim

State Coordinator for the South Texas Division of Tea Party Patriots & Co-Founder of the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC

“Michael Cloud is a fighter and a doer with proven leadership and team-building abilities. A man of character and principles, he has my vote and my support.”

Joe Hermes endorses Michael Cloud for Congress

Joe Hermes

Mayor of Edna, TX

Bech Bruun

Texas Water Development Board Chairman

“I am throwing my full support behind Michael – I know he’s going to be an effective leader.”

Matt Nye

Republican Liberty Caucus National Chairman

“He is a fiscal conservative who has shown that he can get things done without compromising his values.”

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director, Grassroots America – We The People PAC

“Michael Cloud will fight the corruption in the DC swamp – not jump in and join it.”

Constance Filley Johnson

Victoria County District Attorney-Elect

“Michael Cloud is exactly the kind of representative we need to fight the dishonesty and greed that are so common now in Washington. He is honest, dedicated, and a real conservative leader.”

Cathy Stuart

Victoria County District Clerk

“Michael Cloud has devoted himself to the people of our district for over a decade. Michael is from here, shares our values, and has the interests of our district at heart. We need representatives like Michael in Congress.”

Rena Scherer

Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector

“Michael Cloud has promoted our Texas values tirelessly. He is a successful small business owner who knows what it takes to provide employment and bring real value to our region. Michael is not a career politician, and he’s the candidate we can trust.”

Heidi Easley

Victoria County Clerk

“Michael has the integrity to stand up for the interests of regular people and push for common sense conservative solutions.”

Jerry Tanner

Lt. Colonel, U.S.A.F. (Ret.)
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church (Weimar, TX)

“As a former county party chair, I’ve observed many candidates running for office. I met Mike when he was a county chair. Mike is a constitutional conservative with a backbone of steel. He has a Christian value system and a keen Listening Ear. I am confident that he will be a strong congressional representative: a true representative for his constituents. He entered this race expecting to run against an incumbent, he entered ahead of his opposition candidates, and has put everything on the line to represent our Texas Conservative Values. He is worthy of your vote and will honor your trust.”

Paul Guidry

DeWitt CountyGrassroots Leader

“My wife and I have known Michael Cloud for 10 years and we know his reputation is above reproach. His conservative values are those of a true Texan and his work ethic is amazing! We do not live in District 27 but we believe Michael is the person for this position and we donate to his campaign.”

James E. Freytag

B/Gen, U.S.A.F.(Ret.)

“Michael Cloud is my choice to represent Congressional District 27 in the 6 March Republican Primary Election! Michael is an individual that possess those Leadership Attributes needed in Washington today. He is a man of principle, and a man of integrity –one who understands the needs of our community and one that will take action as appropriate. Michael Cloud has my vote and my support.”

Lorenzo and Liz Hernandez

Former Gonzales City Councilman
Business owners

“Since meeting Michael Cloud, we strongly support him as the best qualified candidate for U S House of RepresentativesDistrict 27. Michael’s faith, integrity and moral convictions speak volumes regarding his character and for us, that is so instrumental in deciding who to vote for in the upcoming primaries election. We also feel confident that with his common sense conservative values, he will stand firm and courageous. Time to stand up, be heard andwith Michael at the helm representing our district, gives us hope that America will be great, again!”

Carl Hobbs

Former Harris County Assistant District Attorney

“I support Michael Cloud. He is the young true conservative we need in Congress!”

Frankie Bates

Shiner City Councilman
Economic Director –City of Shiner

“I whole hardheartedly “ENDORSE” Michael Cloud for Congress, for District 27. Michael has proven himself as a Republican Leader in Texas, and I have worked with him personally and professionally. He has a HEART for Service and truly wants to help all of us in the District. He will support my President and I feel he will make a difference. He will be the People’s Congressman, and easy to talk to. Please add my name to his long list of supporters –I LIKE MIKE!”

Jerry Lackey

Lavaca County Agricultural Agent (retired)

“I strongly endorse Michael Cloud, a true grassroots conservative, to represent me as my U. S. Congressman in Texas District 27. Michael is a family man, a man with deep respect for the constitution and with strong Christian principles. We need Michael Cloud in Washington to help drain the swamp.”

R.W. Brown

Lavaca County Commissioner

“I wish to express my support for Michael Cloud candidate for United State Congress. I have found him to be a truly sincere and concerned candidate, a practicing Christian gentleman, and family man who brings the experience of face to face service with his constituents and a first hand knowledge of what the people want. He will represent us well at this higher level.”

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